Petra Lina Orloff

About Me

Who I Am

Trekkie.  Triathlete.  Ballroom dancer. Musician.  Sometime curler.  I am also a voracious cultural consumer – the Internet, books, magazines, radio, television, and movies. I read novels, newspapers, journals, the backs of cereal boxes, and the ads people post at the 7-11.  I am equal parts Metallica and Tito Puente.  I speak German.  I love hockey.  I theorize about Brett Favre (greatest quarterback in the history of the world) and the Jets.  I think our obsession with TV talent programs absolutely proves that the American public is finally ready to embrace a reincarnation of The Lawrence Welk Show and that the recent Fast and Furious films, excluding Tokyo Drift, of course, are underrated masterpieces of U.S. cinema.  I know exactly when and why I’ve made an impulse buy, why Splendid brand t-shirts are really splendid, and will point you in the direction of the best fountain Coke in Detroit.  I own a small collection of Hostess Twinkies memorabilia.  I’m a citizen of the world.  I love Brian Dennehy (greatest actor ever).  I secretly listen to Phil Collins.  Sussudio!  And I’ll tell you that if you ever have the chance, you should see the St. Petersburg Ballet when they tour the States, if only to people-watch the audience.


My business experience is varied.  I’ve handled public relations and marketing for small business owners and consulted to large corporations and non-profits.  I’ve ghost-written books and reports, edited and designed strategic: geared towards immediate impact and long term planning.  Yet, because of my background and my interests, my business rationale is inherently more creative and much more well-rounded than the average business practitioner.  My thinking is informed by my work in and out of the corporate world and finely honed by a range of practice.


During my 12 years in academe, I was a writer, teacher, researcher, speaker, and always, a professional student.  I documented my work, and continue to do so, in essays, articles, précis, abstracts, and book reviews.  My interests in popular culture – film, music, television – are evident in my course syllabi in the areas I taught, American studies, literature, and composition.  For many years I also worked for a highly regarded research center, whose cross-disciplinary work, the study of citizenship, race, and culture, informed my own studies.  I have presented my areas frequently, across America and in Europe, and also created and organized numerous academic events intended to showcase scholarly work in new cutting-edge fields of study.