Petra Lina Orloff

Curriculum Vita

Wayne State University

Department of English
Ph.D., A.B.D.

Area of Interest
Native American in popular culture, film studies, popular culture studies.
German – speaking, reading, writing

Butler University

Department of English & Department of Journalism
Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude with High Honors, 1997

Academic Positions

Center for the Study of Citizenship

Wayne State University
Research Assistant
2003 to 2007

Wayne State University

Department of English
Adjunct Instructor & Graduate Teaching Assistant
1998 to 2006

  • Literature
  • Project 350


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The Imp of the Perverse: Eminem and the Gothic Genre.Journal of the International Gothic Association. Forthcoming.

The Business of Moviemaking: Sherman Alexie’s Fancydancing in an American Studies Classroom.” Under consideration.


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Professional Activities

Panel Chair. Southwest/Texas PCA ACA. February 2010. Albuquerque.Panel Chair. Southwest/Texas PCA ACA. February 2009. Albuquerque.

Workshop Leader. Winter Wheat: The Mid American Review Festival of Writing. November 14, 2008. Bowling Green State University. Bowling Green, Ohio.